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(Older) People are dying of the same causes they have died always: Congestive Heart Failure, Pulmonary Embolism, Sepsis... They do a SARS-CoV-2 test on everyone, and anyone with a positive test gets counted as a "covid death". This is shameful. This has never been done before in history. Imagine we did a tuberculin test to every person in a hospital, and everyone who died with a positive test was counted as a "TB death"... preposterous.

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I know too many elderly adults who have developed tachycardia post vaxx. Even more disturbing more recently I now know two women both 80, but active adults, with a tic. They jerk their head and neck every few seconds. Both had the most recent covid jab, probably their 4th or 5th here in the UK. I am worried for both.

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Your brain, John. It's a jungle in there! Thank you again and again for your tireless evidence-based work in the name of those whose lives were taken from them in the most heinous way possible. There they and their families were- believing that the healthcare 'system' was in place to protect them. Mind-numbing! More power to you always.

As you may recall, I work with seniors. I have watched them not only die- but suffer horribly from the effects of the clot shot and the 'treatments' that followed. Dialysis is currently the #1 treatment for so many elderly it is crazy. We know why.

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I have a question for you Coquin de Chien, if someone took these shots and then got covid, did that increase their likelihood of heart attacks?

A popular WWE wrestler passed away this past week at 36 of what was claimed to be a heart attack. It was later reported as something the family Ok'd the press to release that he had gotten ill with Covid earlier this year and it made a congential issue worse resulting in his sudden heart attack and death.

I realize that even someone who's athletic and young can still die of complications of a previous condition, but it made me think of the defense people give that Covid gives people Myocarditis and therefore is a reason to pursue vaccination. But how could that determination be made for everyone who's taken the shots and still gotten sick at this point?

Are those conditions similar in risk? And if not, which is higher, since that's the moral argument some could make?

Not one I'd back but I do enjoy knocking down bad arguments as you do my friend. Thanks for the bonus chapter.

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Would if you had two young unvaccinated family members simply drop dead within four days of another in August 2022? This is what happened to my family.

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Interesting to me is the question, whether Fauci, Biden, Harris and Walensky actually took Remdesivir. If they did it is likely they damaged their kidneys. I would be surprised if they did though.

It is scary when you know people that at least have stopped taking the jabs but are certain that as soon as they test positive they will request Remdesivir.

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Remdesivir or the jab...for all of them I will bet money on it...kick out the Covid contributinng....

I bet it depends on how corrupt the town coroner is in each town.

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Wondering how many folks on this page have read "The Invisible Rainbow" by Arthur Firstenberg?

Interestingly, we didn't HAVE any "flu" until electricity became so intense... Flu, colds, other illnesses including pneumonia (sometimes) can often be explained by... EMF's.

Just sayin.

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Yes this is exactly right, and like the HIV-AIDS fraud there is no new ‘covid’ disease, just new pharmaceuticals for it. https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/the-importance-of-intellectual-freedom?utm_source=%2Fsearch%2Fdemoltion&utm_medium=reader2

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Yes, it was the shot heard around the world in my neighborhood. Left on a Friday morning with family and drove 1700 miles to console my sister and family. My sister lost a child. Her daughter simply dropped dead. Arrived in Oklahoma by late Saturday. By Monday morning I was booking two flights home back to Boston as my loved one had simply dropped dead in our home. My teenage son was home alone with him and I was 1700 miles away.

One family

Split between two states

Two sudden deaths within four days

Both simply dropped dead

Traveled 3400 miles by car & plane over three days.

My rep Brian Driscoll refuses to respond.

The craziest part of all is even after hearing all this some people still refuse to acknowledge the carnage and what they did.

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Why were there no deaths prior to 2020?

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