Re: "You’re not capable of leading if you live in fear and are easily manipulated by government bullshit."


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September 26th, 2023 -1pm Regular Board Meeting

LAUSD [Los Angeles United School District] Board Meetings

Livestreamed September 26, 2023






JENNIFER KENNEDY: Thank you, good afternoon, board. I'm Jennifer Kennedy, I'm an attorney, and we've met before. When last I spoke to you it was May of 2022, a year and a half ago, and I'll get to that in a minute. Today I'm here to urge the long overdue sun setting of your covid vaccination mandate, but it doesn't go far enough. You need to reinstate all employees with full back pay.

Listen, this didn't hit me, but it injured my friends. You stole livelihoods and careers from dedicated employees. You took food off the table and medical care away from children. You siphoned birthday gifts, and you sucked Christmas presents up the chimney.

In the name of health, you demanded that employees submit to an irreversible invasive EUA [Emergency use Authorization] injection, a medical procedure with documented risks like blood clots, myocarditis, stroke, and death.

In the name of safety, you demanded submission to the shot that never did, never could, and still does not prevent infection with or transmission of SARS-CoV-2.

And the people you fired, they couldn't even get unemployment, and without medical care they couldn't even get therapy to deal with the clinical depression you plunged them into.

And by the way, so why now? Was it because of the embarrassing arguments in the Ninth Circuit* that we just heard, thank God, they played that video, and the justices who said they were shocked that you were still pushing this mandate?

And by the way, it's so interesting in the little report that you wrote that, which Council mentioned in those Ninth Circuit arguments, where the most scurrilous an reprehensible lie I've ever heard, and that lie is this: The district mandated but did not enforce a student vaccination requirement.

How dare you? How dare you gaslight us into thinking, believing that you didn't crush students in the fall of 2021? That you didn't spend five million dollars on your Safe

Steps Campaign of bullying, bribing, harassment, and shaming to force parents to subject their children to this experimental vaccine?

How dare you say none of that happened! That you didn't kick kids off their sports, out of their clubs, out of chess, out of cheer, out of fall, out of fall sports? Everything that you did in October of 2021, you absolutely enforced that mandate.

And funny also in the report, the fact that you say this now applies to all

authorized charter schools. Funny because in May of 2022, that's what I was telling you, you needed to control your rogue charter, your LA authorized charter sitting on LAUSD property. Of course I'm referring to Granada Hills Charter, which did crush students, which did put students off campus, bar them from campus, and deny them every possible part of campus activity, including the seniors, denying them senior awards night and even their graduation.

I was here in May of '22 at your fancy end of the year board retreat. I begged you to do something to stop it and save their graduation, and to a man, not a one of you did anything.

Today is the day to finally do something, and that is end your stupid and cruel vaccine mandate.

[time alarm sounds]




#   #   #


* For further discussion of this case, see

"Picking Up Some Dropped Threads"

by Chris Bray

October 26, 2023


See also https://www.laparents.org/our-lawsuit

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“These people should never be in power. I don’t want apologies for killing children at the margins. Just step aside and let others lead. You’re not capable of leading if you live in fear and are easily manipulated by government bullshit.”

Yes!!! 🎯

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CSU SAN DIEGO, CSU SAN FRANCISCO, AND SAN JOSE STATE (CSU SAN JOSE, my alma mater), still mandate the vaxx.

Almost 100,000 students between those 3 schools. Even at a low 1% severe adverse reaction, 1,000 kids will have a shorter life for what reason, besides stupidity from the university administrations?

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"These people should never be in power. I don’t want apologies ... You’re not capable of leading if you live in fear and are easily manipulated by government bullshit."

Bingo. I asked if MIT would apologize after Dr. Iaonnidis' latest IFR. Rough reply "We worked with the best info available." That's campus and MIT Lincoln Laboratory. They poisoned thousands, three dead profs, and more. Those folks should never have had power over peoples lives like they did.

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School ain't for kids

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Well, that aged pretty well John😉

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Oct 28, 2023·edited Oct 28, 2023

Hey John,

I AM¹ praying for your help & support in our calling. I got my Ed_Harvard Twitter account suspended and unlike yours, it's permanent, and without any warnings. I know how much they fear my work because it's indisputable towards the liable evil parties that have arrested and attacked my family. Is there any way you can highlight my conclusions, keeping in mind my CEO has been HaShem since early 2020. King David's keys² at the bottom {Isaiah 22:22}

Federal Reserve (family's) incriminating inventions:

Vanderbilt 7452542B2


Vanderbilt Wo2006076007A2


Rothschild 2020279585A1


Rockefeller 10064941B2


Rockefeller 10786570B2


Rockefeller Wo2013029025A1


Bank of America 11553311¦B2


💠◇💠◇💠 UNC World Patented "inventions"











Dishonorable Mention:

Microsoft / Gates / Pirbright patents [8828407B2, Wo2016012793A1, Wo2020060606A1]

Pfizer / GSK Patents [6372224A1, Wo1993023422A1 20060257852A1 & 20100216804A1]

ModeRNA Patents with a triple helix formation [Wo2017049245A2 Wo2017049245A3 & 10702600B1]

¹Exodus 3:14 15 π𝜋𝛑𝝅𝞹ℼ


² https://covidandvaxfaqs.substack.com/p/patents-implicate-pandemic-conspiracy

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I’ve been following your work for some time now. You. Kirsch, Dowd, Wolf, McCullough. Ok. So.....ok....I have a question here; I have to come back I haven’t formulated it properly. I’m smacking my fucking head against the wall.

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