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John, very well said. I like the way that throughout your document, you "prick" the conscience of the court to "do the right thing" by acknowledging AND correcting the injustice that you have been dealt in not being allowed to finish getting your law degree. All this because you CORRECTLY surmised NOT to get these unneeded, ineffective, and dangerous jabs. Of course, EVERYONE knows that you were/are 100% "in the right" on this case, and if anything, they should be very ashamed of themselves for the way that they treated/are treating you. So now it is way past due for the court to finally demonstrate some humility, humanity, and justice by "doing the right thing" themselves to make you whole again. Godspeed and good luck. - Tom

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John, I regret I did not make it to your recent speaking engagements in NH where I live. I know I speak for many in thanks and praise for your work in the fight for fairness and justice, two things that seem very far away in the O'Biden regime. That said, we all may take some measure of satisfaction in your challenging the evil that has descended upon us. Those who have their eyes open see we are living in Mordor now and until all people of faith and reason unite to do battle against the evil we will as a society continue a downward spiral to hell. So your work inspires me and others to pick up the mantle of justice and freedom and continue the righteous fight. I know we will win in the end but not before there is much suffering by innocents. God bless you and your work!

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Coquin, is this filed in Massachusetts' court or Federal court in Massachusetts? Who is the assigned judge hearing your case?

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US District Court, District of Massachusetts

Honorable Nathaniel M. Gorton presiding. The frozen fish family guy.

The guy who put the Hollywood college admissions scandal actors in jail.

Also the guy who upheld Trump's ban on people from unstable nations (D's call it a different kind of ban from reality.)

I don't care who the judge is. I don't care what parties people want to join. I'm not into groupthink or cults or alternate religions or street gang mentality.

All I care about is justice or, in this case, fairness and equity. And not that stupid kind of "equity" the commies talk about with diversity and inclusion. That's not what equity means. Even the right falls into the trap, yet again, of allowing the leftists to redefine words. Equity simply means "just" and "fair." It does NOT mean "equality of outcome." That's plain silly and yet so many people engage in that conversation.

If there is no specific law and the judge must decide a case rather than let the controversy fester, then the judge "sits in equity" as a "chancellor" or as a judge sitting in equity to decide a matter above or beyond any mandatory authority decision or law on the books. He decides "in equity" what is just and fair.

End of "equity" rant. Please do not get involved in the "equality of opportunity" versus "equality of outcome" conversation as it relates to "equity."

Diversity to the leftists means all are welcome to the group except white, male, heterosexual, Christians. The consider those evil. This is not diversity. It's othering and demonizing someone by their personal characteristics.

Equity means to them "equality of outcome," which as I just mentioned is NOT what equity means.

Inclusion to them means all are included except that group I mentioned earlier. Thus, it is the opposite of inclusion. It is exclusion cloaked in yet another word they hijack and twist to be opposite of its meaning. They exclude white, male, heterosexual Christians.

Rant over.

See why I rarely read, let alone write, comments on my own articles. LOL

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I laughed out loud when I read this because it's so blatantly obvious when you set it up like this... masterful..."whether the victim’s head was facing east at the time of punch, south at the time of falling, as the wind blew from the north, and the victim’s little finger touched the ground before the rest of his hand, then his elbow, then his torso, then his head. There is no attenuation between the punch and the fall regardless of lengthy prose inserted into the description of events as defense counsel has attempted in their Motion to Dismiss."

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You are the tip of the spear sir. If you do not get your justified relief in MA, you need to get your law degree in another state and continue the fight. Your original data analysis was outstanding as well. God speed and God bless.

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I pray for you that they don't dismiss.

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They have to dismiss... If they don't the whole despicable lot of them will fall.

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That's why it seems folly to expect a corrupt body to find themselves corrupt...

Still... worth a try and the more people that see these eloquent kinds of protest, the better.

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The unlikelihood of winning a fight does not preclude the need to fight the fight if the cause be righteous.

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Yuh huh! I like this "rascal dog" (translated from the French Poodle Dictionary), he's a keeper.

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And it seems to me that any Law School that saw what he's doing with this page WOULD AND SHOULD GRAB HIM UP.

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Thank you Ms. de Chien for making available these invaluable documents-argumentation. The only thing that will arouse the perpetrators attention, is perceived threat to the bottom line. Unfortunately, the judiciary is part of the establishment, and as such, will not turn upon itself. Case in point: German Atty. Reiner Fulmich's failed attempts to persuade a court to accept his massive lawsuit composed of highly credentialed witnesses such as Astrid Stuckelberger, Ulrich Kemmerer etc. This testimony can be accessed at odysee.com/@Corona-Investigative-Committee Also, archive.org/details/grand-jury-proceedings

The judiciary is afraid of the government and their peers. The only hope is to find the last remaining courageous judge left in the world.

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"Mass murder has occurred, is occurring, and will continue to occur without fairness and equity doled out by a Chancellor in position of the days of old, when justice was swift and definitive. Will we have justice envisioned by Santo Tommaso D’Aquino, Charles Louis de Secondat, Baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu, John Locke, and Thomas Jefferson? Or will we have a bastardized totalitarian control state envision by Mao Zedong, Josef Stalin, or those now in power over the United States holding political prisoners for years without trial?" - Perfect. We shall see.

Happy Easter John. Peace.

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A Letter to a Generation


<a href="https://www.lifesitenews.com/analysis/how-the-us-govt-built-a-shadow-structure-that-enabled-covid-vax-bioterrorism/" target="_blank">The current horrors</a> will not be stopped by politicians and/or lawyers. Those efforts were tried unsuccessfully during the Vietnam era, which you may be too young to remember. They will never work today despite thoughtful analytical essays, websites, petitions, conferences, etc.

The generation to which this letter is directed MUST BE HONORED in future history for PREVENTING THE FASCIST TAKEOVER OF OUR NATION.

(Continuation of this letter is at www.bigeye.org/letter.htm)

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Here's some Excellent Ideas from Prof. Dolores Cahill... She was on the mark EARLY 2020.


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Not the poison shots and how people have been banned from activities and even educational opportunities for refusing them?

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