Considering getting 'NO MEDICAL INTERVENTIONS' tattooed on my forehead. Waking up in any hospital is my worst nightmare. I consider doctors, nurses and med techs as clueless killers administering state sponsored death. What happened to your friend is pure evil.

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I have 3 family members that have developed cancer since the Covid "vaccines". My mom has basal cell carcinoma on her nose, my uncle has a melanoma and my brother has a sarcoma on his side and had radiation treatment. None of them listen to me when I told them not to get these vaccines and they all got more than one. I have not had any and never will get another vaccine ever.

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To grow old is a privilege few enjoy. To grow old and die in a horrible needless way after being promised the jab was to protect him is beyond evil. When they say everyone over 65 MUST be vaccinated ‘for our own good’ is an outright lie. I’m 73 unvaccinated and will age without their help.

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Covid killed by the delay of treatment for pneumonia. Most of those who died should not have done so. Remember the advice from the medical profession early on “stay home til your lips turn blue”.

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Thank you, thank you so much, John Beaudoin.

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Sep 21·edited Sep 21

In the past, every year I would learn about 1-2 persons I knew who received a diagnosis of cancer. In 2021-2023 this has increased to dozens. If I tell this to some people, they will say that it is just an "anecdote". If I tell this to any intelligent person, they will say that "something" has evidently happened to explain the marked increase; there are not too many "somethings" that have happened in the last 2-3 years... and how curious that everyone who developed the unusual cancer have the same "exposure" (epidemiological jargon). Your data are entirely consistent with the "anecdotal" experience. Intelligent people can put 2+2 together and figure out it = 4.

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Do not "CONSENT"

Thank God we still have some semblance of a republic.

Good job and thx for doing the work, digging up and comparing states.

When one can, the best move, voting with your feet.

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So this may seem random, but my son (not vaccinated) just contracted Hand/foot/mouth disease .... the EXACT same week last year he also got HFMD... so I did some digging and found that there are lots of “false” claims on the polio vaccine causing this.. that the shedding, which is well documented from this particular vaccine causes HFMD. The Chinese 👀 are developing 3 “vaccines” to combat this because it is so out of control that they close schools. Are “they” just making the “diseases” that we usually overcome easily stronger faster and harder for the immune system to fight?

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Is it the destruction of the immune system by the mRNA experimental biologicals which make it impossible for those with skin issues to heal?

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John, your findings correlate directly to Walter Chesnut's work. His latest post explains the mechanism:


As far as data goes, Denis Rancourt updated his analysis of the gene-therapy transfection murders in the southern hemisphere a few days ago. 17+ million people murdered BY the shots:


Thanks for all your work and posts. May God bless you and continue to guide you. Peace.

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These medical clowns want us dead and no amount of pain and suffering is too much for them to administer.

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Nice job! Thank you.

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My friends still will not listen. Still.

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My in-law passed away a year after the shots they said he had cancer. Thanks !! 🙏

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Quantum Dots semiconductors for quantum tagging are known to be toxic for all living beings...



The Promise of Quantum Dots

Quantum Dots are nanoscale semiconductor particles that possess notable and extremely useful optical and electronic properties. QDs measure from 10 to 100 nm in size - approximately 10,000 QDs would fit across the diameter of a human hair. They generate light when energy is applied to them or generate energy when light is applied


Quantum dots are nanoparticles made up of semiconductor materials that emit different colors when illuminated by light. This color depends on their size and the way they were manufactured. QMC has developed a track and trace solution using quantum dots and blockchain to verify the origin of products and counterfeiting.

The authentication solution is combined with QDX HealthID for monitoring and tracking the outbreaks of diseases, such as the COVID-19. The solution authenticates individuals being tested, the persons administering the test, and the test kits.

The solution is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud and can integrate with existing EMR systems. It is based on the Hyperledger Sawtooth enterprise blockchain and for smart contracts, it’s using the Digital Asset Modeling Language (DAML).

Yesterday, Ledger Insights reported on the COVID Credentials initiative (CCI), which uses digital identity to develop “immunity passports”. Members of the initiative include Evernym, ID2020, uPort, Dutch research organization TNO, Microsoft, ConsenSys Health and consultants Luxoft and many others.


SAN MARCOS, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Leading American nanomaterial and quantum dot producer and technology company, Quantum Materials Corp (OTCQB: QTMM) today announced an equity investment from California-based private equity firm, Pasaca Capital, Inc. of $15 million and under terms of the distribution agreement formed between the two companies, Quantum Materials Corp would receive cumulative gross royalties and/or gross sales, licensing or other revenues of no less than $15,000,000, over the period including 2020 and continuing until twelve months after the Company has completed development of a functioning product integrating the QMC HealthID intellectual property and Innova Medical Group’s products.

The investment supports expansion of the QMC HealthID™ solution, further exploration of applications for quantum dot technology in healthcare, and the development of next generation quantum dot enhanced COVID-19 rapid test kits, in parallel with Innova Medical Group Inc., a Pasaca Capital Inc. portfolio company. These efforts are being led by Todd K. Malan, M.D. the company’s Senior Vice President of Clinical Research at QMC HealthID Incorporated.

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Excellent work! What is the status on the case?

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