Talk about David vs Goliath. You, sir, are a true Patriot and honorable human. I am following your story with interest and gratitude. Thank You!

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"and the morally impaired doctors and professionals who watched this happen."

John, some watched it happen, others like Dr. Sprague, my VA PCP, willfully remained ignorant and participated in pushing the narrative of "safe and effective". I personal sent him many studies regarding Ivermectin and Hydroxy Chloroquine that he said didn't exist. I sent him many documentaries that chronicled the democide. What was the response? "I'm not here to be educated by you". Then they deleted me as a VA patient which I discovered when I tried to reorder my medications.

Doctors like him cajoled their unwitting patients to take this poison refusing to simply do their own research.

Others like Kelton Burbank MD went so far as to try to shame people into taking the poison. I was called out by him publicly, in his office as "an unvaccinated asshole" for all to hear. He, apparently double jabbed and boosted, got very ill and instead of considering the poison he injected himself with, it was easier on his ego to blame some or poor unsuspecting patient of his. This insane notion, "a pandemic of the unvaccinated" was first pushed by the current resident of the white house and then by every one of the media and CDC FDA lackeys down stream.

No John, they didn't just watch it happen and I won't let them off the hook.

Thank you for doing what your doing.

If there's anything I can do to help please let me know.



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I'll need to digest the whole write up, but, needed to say, Thank you. Ty for your work before, here now and to come. I hope the Atlanta event was AWESOME. I was overjoyed to learn you had plans to attend. There's more than enough blood in the water, sadly, so, given the blood BigX has poured en masse, I'm grateful the sharks are getting on it now 😉

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Wish I could have made the conference, you and your peers could be the vanguard of change that could end the sclerotic and corrupted American public health/BP profit and control alliance.

You're battling the architects of another Holocaust, and just like the Allies liberating the death camps,

I wish you Godspeed and good health.

Good Luck on your Good Friday filing!

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Well done!

I would love to help you in any way I can. I spoke to you before on Twitter because I live in MA too.

There has been a lot going on with my family that has kept my focus lately, but I am always willing to help in a fight this important.

Thank you for persevering!

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I hope that you are successful. Corruption is deeply imbedded into the very framework of Massachusetts; the Boston Brahmins are alive and well, as they have been since the original charter.

- The social contract is broken, gone, defunct....dissolved, as if it never existed. It was really only a thin veneer anyway, but at least that was something that people took comfort in. Now the evil is on full display, straight up. These scum have broken all their own laws, rules and regulations, and they don't care who knows it. The courts belong to them. It's very difficult to find anything resembling justice within these racketeering dens at this time, but hopefully that will change as consciousness continues to rise on Earth.

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May God abundantly bless you for all your persistence in bringing truth to light.🙏❤️

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We continue to watch so many elderly die around us. And the deaths keep being blamed on old age. Friends, neighbours and colleagues not connecting the dots. The benevolent officer from our bowls club who visits our unwell members said just the other day “we have so many members dying and in hospital”. Every single person in our age group are witnessing excessive deaths among their peers.

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Einstein (and many similar statements before him) said, "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity, but don't rule out malice."

I like to think that most people are just involved in their own objectives and lack strategic thinking. Thus, incompetence, ignorance, stupidity is the more likely explanation for low efficiency of utility.

This is especially true in the higher professions of ego and achievement: doctor, lawyer, and engineering executives. So, I'm with the "lack of malice" side in most of these situations. "Controlled opposition" is used way too much. Most of the time it's applied incorrectly anyway. "Chaos agent" is what people are thinking of. And there are really plenty of chaos agents around. I'm certain I've talked to a few and more have contacted me, though I ignored them.

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Wonderfully written, John. I love the way that you covered every angle of the DAMAGE that these monsters have inflicted on us. You mentioned everything from being kept out of law school for not taking the jab, to the falsification of the death records, to the actual physical death of Massachusetts citizens, to the breaking up of families when want parent wants to jab the kids but the other parent does not. You also reminded the court that their previous INCORRECT decisions of "doing what's in the best interest of the public" over a person's "individual rights" were BASED ON THE LIE that these jabs would stop transmission. Well done, John! Your argument is both comprehensive AND quite clear.

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There is still an enormous amount of medical data being withheld from scrutiny and the public. You know that they are hiding the truth when you have to sue them to get it. We can only hope that the courts are fair and unbiased, but I have my doubts. Wishing you great success with your course of action.

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Hi, John!

Saw you in Keene. Great job.

I know the feeling of working alone against the monumental assholes. My whole life is falling apart. My wife and her whole family think I'm bat shit crazy. It's taking a toll, I have cyclical depressions, it's hard. It must be hard for you too.

I figured out how they're muzzling the msm. Check my substack in a couple days, I'll be posting a long piece about it.

Take heart, this is the fight of a lifetime. We're gonna take some hard shots.

This is a way you show your love for humanity, my friend. Thank you.

Doc Pruyne

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Excellent work! I have been involved in medicolegal arenas at points in my career, and what I have observed is how little most docs understand of law, and how much medicine (some!) attorneys incorrectly think they know! Collaboration is essential in this process.

I have lectured in various settings on informed consent going back 30+years. That we find ourselves in this world where individuals are becoming powerless, well honestly it blows my mind! This is WHY we need to work together and STAND against this insanity.

It’s also why we need to use the old “trust but verify” approach in our collaborations. People can have multiple agendas, some of which may lead in different directions.

This is a topic I will be elaborating in my own writings soon.

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Keep up the Fight! the tide is turning.. We each must Do what we can today and everyday till the Jab is stopped then Nuremberg.. We will get there...

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Thank you John. May God bless you and continue to guide you in your work. Peace. :-)

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Substack mass walkout next week, no posts. Devalue the company as it is being sold.

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